The Scoop: What to Know About AdventureWomen

AdventureWomen offers all-women trips to exceptional destinations around the world.

Peru trek with AdventureWomen (Photo: AdventureWomen)
Photo: AdventureWomen

The women-owned and women-run tour company AdventureWomen has helped women step out of their comfort zone and explore the world in an active and exciting way since 1982. Solely dedicated to tours for women, its trips range from highly challenging (trekking to Everest base camphiking to Machu Picchu) to moderately paced adventures that stimulate the mind as much as the body (cultural journeys through Oman and Morocco, for example).

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Participants in AdventureWomen’s women-only travel groups get the opportunity to meet with and learn from local women who share their skills and experiences with the group in the tour’s destination. 

TourScoop Takeaways: AdventureWomen

AdventureWomen tour group at Mount Kilimanjaro (Photo: AdventureWomen)
AdventureWomen tours are a mix of physically challenging bucket-list treks and less physical cultural tours (Photo: AdventureWomen)
  • Continents covered:
  • Tour size range: Average of 12 to 14 guests
  • Tour types: Active and adventure tours that include hiking excursions, private cruises, and multi-sport adventures

How to Book

Most AdventureWomen participants book directly with the company, either by calling, completing the online outreach form, or by clicking through directly from a tour page.

Credibility Check

AdventureWomen is a member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association. It is recognized as one of the world’s best tour operators by TourScoop, Travel + Leisure, and Condé Nast Traveller. More than 70 percent of guests are repeat customers.

Tour Destinations

AdventureWomen offers more than 50 trips that travel to more than 65 countries on six continents. Newer tours include excursions to Antarctica and Sri Lanka.

Tour Types

Snowshoe trek with AdventureWomen (Photo: AdventureWomen)
Year-round, AdventureWomen offers active women-only tours in spots around the globe (Photo: AdventureWomen)

AdventureWomen leads women-only, small-group active and adventure travel tours where participants tend to feel supported trying new things. Tours include women-to-women cultural exchanges in the destinations, where participants can meet with female artisans, educators, and business owners to experience a location through the perspective of local women. 

AdventureWomen’s Tour Guides

Tours include local vetted and experienced guides who share their first-hand knowledge of the destination with participants. Each tour also features an AdventureWomen Ambassador who provides communication and organizational support and helps create a comfortable environment for participants. AdventureWomen maintains close relationships with its in-country guides, many whom have worked with the company for a decade or longer.

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Inclusions/Extras on AdventureWomen Tours

Forming new friendships on an AdventureWomen tour (Photo: AdventureWomen)
AdventureWomen tours bundle lodging, transportation, most meals and activities, and guides in the price (Photo: AdventureWomen)

Once participants arrive at their trip destination, nearly everything is included, such as:

  • Lodging
  • Ground transportation
  • Most meals and activities
  • Guides
  • Some gratuities

Pre- and post-trip transportation is not included in the tour price. Alcoholic beverages, some gratuities, and some meals are also an extra charge. 

Typical Travelers on AdventureWomen Tours

AdventureWomen travelers are typically women in their mid-40s and older. Participants include solo travelers, first-time adventure travelers, friend groups, mothers and daughters, and groups of sisters. The company says guests find commonality beyond age through a shared “state of mind, an adventurous approach to travel with a positive, active way of living life.”


Participants are introduced to their trip manager after booking a tour. Their personal trip manager serves as their point person to help them prepare for the trip and is available to answer questions from the time of booking through the end of the trip.

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The company answers every call that comes into the office during the workday (800-804-8686) and prides itself on the fact that it’s easy for guests to speak with someone for needed support.

Final trip documents are sent out about three to four weeks before the tour departure date, followed by an email with further trip guidance for participants.

Private Tour Options with AdventureWomen

Women riding camels in Egypt on an AdventureWomen tour (Photo: AdventureWomen)
AdventureWomen travelers tend to be adventurous-minded women in their mid-40s and older (Photo: AdventureWomen)

AdventureWomen offers its signature trips as the basis to personalize experiences for a group’s interests. The company has hosted private tours for all sorts of all-women groups, including healthcare professionals, college friends, and mothers and grown daughters.

Sustainability Efforts

AdventureWomen’s education and activities focus on topics like ecosystems, natural resources, the sharing of local traditions, and supporting local communities. Each AdventureWomen tour interacts with women at a local level, often learning from and supporting female entrepreneurs in the tour’s destination.

Health and Safety Practices

All in-country operators have a destination-specific crisis and emergency plan based on the local protocols and medical services available. AdventureWomen also monitors tour destinations and provides needed updates to participants before departure. 

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