The Scoop: What to Know About Adventures by Disney

Disney's tour company brings storytelling to life in destinations around the world.
family at Machu Picchu on an Adventures by Disney tour looking out at the ruins
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Adventures by Disney (ABD) is Disney’s tour company, and has trips geared to families on all seven continents. Like all things Disney, ABD has a passion for storytelling, but the tour company’s focus is on the real stories—past and present—of destinations. Its focus on seamless experiences, special accommodations, and exceptional tour guides make it a good investment. And the broad scope of activities and offerings make it a solid fit for travelers of all ages, and for everyone from adults traveling together to multi-generational family groups.

TourScoop Takeaways

  • Countries: With the addition of its expedition cruises to Patagonia and Antarctica, Adventures by Disney now has trips to 40 countries and all seven continents.
  • Tour Size Average: The standard group size is between 30 and 40 guests, with two adventure guides. Private Adventures can be arranged for up to 12 guests with one adventure guide.
  • Tour Type: Adventures by Disney offers Land AdventuresExpedition Cruises, River Cruises, Adult Exclusives, and Escapes.

Credibility Check

Adventures by Disney comes with the built-in assurance of being a Disney brand. The tour company has been awarded prizes from Travel Weekly, Cruise Critic, and the World Travel Awards. 

Tour Destinations

Adventures by Disney has 45+ itineraries in more than 40 countries on all seven continents. Some of its most popular tour destinations are Peru, South Africa, Costa Rica, Italy, and Greece. 

Tour Types

Adventures by Disney tours include land-based excursions, river cruises, and expedition sailings (Disney Cruise Line, with its five ocean-going ships, is a separate company within the Disney universe). The tour company excels at hosting people of all different ages on the same trip. 

Land Adventures are offered around the world. Some itineraries have Adults-Only Exclusives with activities adjusted slightly for an all-adult audience. There are also Escapes, which are shorter guided tours to destinations including Buenos Aires and Paris. 

Specialty river cruise sailings include Rhine River Cruise Food & Wine, Danube River Cruise: Oktoberfest and the new National Geographic Photography sailing on the Seine River.

The expedition cruise sailings focus on wildlife and nature, and sail to the Arctic, Antarctic and Patagonia, and the Galapagos Islands. Onboard are expert naturalists who guide you along the way. 

Tour Guides

Disney has a rigorous selection process and training program for its guides, and that care shows in the high caliber of its guides. What sets Disney Adventure Guides apart is their storytelling–these guides aren’t simply sharing information with guests, they’re bringing the stories of history and place to life. That’s particularly important since ABD tours often cater to groups that include both kids and adults–storytelling becomes a unifying force that keeps all ages engaged. 

On Land Adventures, each tour group is led by a team of two Adventure Guides. Typically, one is U.S.-based and the other is native to the region. The local Adventure Guide connects guests with their country and shares authentic storytelling and experiences. Along the way, guests also meet additional local guides who share their connection to the destination and host special experiences.


All accommodations (with the exception of pre- and post-nights) are included, as are transfers at the beginning and end of each trip. Adventures by Disney includes family friendly resort accommodations, often with connecting rooms and other perks that make traveling with children easier. Most meals are included as well. 

Each trip also includes a few on-your-own meals, so families can try out spots not built into the itinerary. (Adventure Guides give lots of advice and recommendations so guests aren’t on their own in unfamiliar destinations.) Flights are separate from the Adventure, but Disney does offer flight booking through its Disney Vacationistas. 

Typical Travelers

Adventures by Disney caters to all ages, but since it’s one of the few tour companies that specifically caters to families with children, it’s a popular pick for families with school-age kids. It’s also a good fit for multiple generations of family traveling together, since ABD crafts its tours to simultaneously appeal to both kids and adults. 

On every itinerary, there are adult-focused activities while Junior Adventurers take part in special activities designed for them (themed movie nights, games and other fun activities). Adult activities include special meals and wine or cocktails tastings.

There are also adults traveling without children on trips, and for all-adult experiences, the company offers Adult Exclusive itineraries for people who prefer to travel alongside other adult family members, friends, or as a solo traveler on an adults trip. 


Adventures by Disney sends pre-trip email communications and also has a team of Vacationistas who are available to answer questions and offer advice over the phone. In advance of a trip, travelers will receive a pre-trip package with goodies curated specifically for their trip.

Loyalty Program

Disney Adventure Insiders is Adventures by Disney’s loyalty program. Benefits include early booking access to trips and insider news and tips. 

Private Options

As of June 2023, Adventures by Disney no longer offers private tours.

Sustainability Efforts

As part of the Disney Corporation, Adventures by Disney engages with sustainability efforts that includes a 2030 goal of major reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and investment in natural climate solutions. Other efforts include the Disney Conservation Fund, which has helped to protect hundreds of animal species and conserve more than 315 million acres of habitat over the last 25 years. For more details, read the most recent (2021) impact report.

Health and Safety Practices

Adventures by Disney regularly updates its health and safety practices. As of April 2023, standard practices include vaccination requirements and masking as required by the local destination.

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